Where Does Your Community Live?

That is likely a difficult question to answer. Since the advent of social media and online networking, “community” has taken on a new meaning. Your community might not always live right down the street, and you may not be able to reach them most effectively through your local newspaper or fliers. However, we at Milk Thistle Media believe that while the means of reaching your customers and community has changed, the people do not have to. Local economy and support is of the utmost importance to us, and our #1 goal is to foster and solidify community connections for businesses that find the value in them. Social Media and Online Content are more than just a way to stay in touch with friends. Customers are more likely to patronize a company with a story, a message, and a set of ideals. They want to be a part of the conversation and the most effective way of reaching them is on the computer. Milk Thistle Media offers both talent and understanding. As a small media firm we offer packages tailored to each client, ranging from simple written or visual content to full media and PR management.


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