Joe Saving a Child From Vikings.

By Joe Valley

Why I Still Recommend Joe Valley

The internet is a weirder place than any of us are willing to freely admit. Sure, there are cat memes and other crazy, sometimes disturbing happenings throughout the web, but it is also weird for other reasons.   Some of my clients are aware I work with Joe Valley of The Design Valley and Empowered Papa. Joe and I met… Read more →


Inbound Marketing = Act Like a Person

Once upon a time, when our grandparents were children, people talked to each other. They talked to each other in person; Face to face. Those people knew what their favorite farmer was growing or what the local butcher had in his deli case. Shops were smaller, closer, and everyone had a few minutes to talk to their local grocer, butcher,… Read more →

Kicking things off on a rainy Wednesday

Milk Thistle Media has been a long time coming. Last spring I launched Local Courage, as a response to the unanswered questions set to me by Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. Local Courage opened a lot of doors for my writing, many of which I am still actively involved in. (Search my name on the Seacoast Media Group website, and you’ll… Read more →